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28th Level Druid Verdant Lord.
2007-11-27 06:52:53

Has anyone here played the new Scion game by White Wolf? I was thinking about getting it and was curious as to how it plays.

Thanks! Cypress

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2007-11-28 09:44:56

I wasn't thrilled with it, I was given a copy of checkout versus other games with similar god related themes.

I felt it didn't have enough substance to make it worth while to purchase. Also it would be trivial to do this in a system more apt to handle this for some people's play styles. This is especially true if you want to have mundane characters or play elements in the game with the Hero aspect.

The system that they have is really pushed to the limits and is quite unstable. It reminds me a lot of the original Mage which was basically unplayable in its open-ended-ness and required all the players to be almost in LARP mode moving forward.

Your really on the edge of Storyteller with this, your players need to be on the same page with you more so than in Vampire. Sure in vampire some characters can be very RP orientated or emo-esck and its ok, while others can be 'zomg we are xmen of the night' and its ok. With this is much more fragile I believe. A character could easily soak a GM and drag the game. My thoughts were drawn to Mage and some extent Wraith where 'boom' I changed things, or 'boom' I did something that requires another fiat else spend an hour cleaning it up and lack of clarity on how things should be resolved and if those things are to be expected given the limited descriptions of abilities ... baugh.

Also combining heros and non-heros which is common, is much more unstable in this game because of the system. WoD doesn't deal well with crossing this line, sure ghouls and vampires work well enough together and capital H, hunters do so as well. But mundane people and Heros don't the game is lacking in that respect. You really need to be detacted and deny that as a possibility in your game as a Storyteller. Which is a reason for using another system and just playing one of the other Cosmic Holy settings or this one as inspiration.

All this said, the reviews of the game speak to the setting, and the setting is pretty common now with games. They also tend to fanboy WoD it seems, rating the system itself very high which obviously anything using that system thus will rate high. I see you like that system or at least play it. So that is something to consider.

28th Level Druid Verdant Lord.
2007-11-29 05:34:11

Wow! Thanks for the thorough review. :) That actually helps alot. I am not a huge fan of the new White Wolf system myself, but I thought the premise of the game sounded cool. What other games focus on the same storyline of modern "mortals with the blood of the Gods?" I like that all the pantheons are present in Scion, not just one. That is one thing White Wolf had always been good at (up until recently), giving alot of options to players so that there is something for everyone to enjoy. Even my husband found a clan in Vampire that he enjoyed (Malkavians) and he is not a big Vampire fan. :D


2007-11-29 09:08:17

Other games to a degree In Nomine (not that I am a fan boy, but I just happen to know this fact), which gives you the possibility for a finer resolution of between man, proto-man, avatars or what not, and the larger deity mooks.

There are a few d20 supplements that key into this where you messing in the aspects of the divine. Basically fluff material and amped powers as you would expect for the various settings.

There are a handful of straight celestial being games out there which names escape me.

But frankly its not hard to play a Supers game and do this, Hellboy even works to a degree.

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