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2008-01-29 07:25:14


I'm in Australia and I am initially seeking other Australian role-players (18 years and over) interested in playing in a homebrew online dice playbychat / forum rpg. I have previously had interest from other parts of the world (and still have interest from other parts of the world) however, I found it hard to be online at the same time as the international players which is stiffling the current play time.

The game has been influenced by D & D and utilises Dice for some character decision making, within a storytelling context. It also uses detailed statistics and proficiences with some original classes and races.

If you are interested in playing, please follow the tag or this link to Ahnicus. I'm happy to discuss and answer any questions by interested players (Australians or other) here if you are unsure if this is the game for you.


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