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2010-10-01 18:27:26

A friend of mine and I are looking to start a Deathwatch game Monday nights 10pm-3am (ish) twice a month (at least at first). If you don't know Deathwatch is the new Warhammer 40k space marine rpg and will be epic! I will be the GM unless you want to be and know enough about 40k lore. I am an experienced GM/DM and have a decent amount of 40k knowledge. The game is planned to be run book-stock with the exception that I allow two starting attributes to be automatically highest roll (2 of your d10 rolls will automatically be 10). So far we have a Blood Angel Assault and if I do not end up GMing I will play a Dark Angel Librarian. We want a mature laid back atmosphere. I am 27 and he is 26 and I plan to host the game at my place (Pebble Creek Apartments, clean place, no funky smells or pets) Let me know if you are down to play. »

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