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2016-04-12 17:56:05

We're a couple looking for an in-home D&D group that has room for a total noob and a 20-year "veteran" player. Any campaign setting will do. Any edition (prefer 3.5). As long as the group is on the younger side (20's and 30's age range), and alcohol-friendly. We can host some nights.

Mainly, we're just looking for fun and new friends. One of us is relatively new to Vegas, and the other is born-and-raised.

Thanks, in advance... we hope to find good times and fun games.

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2016-04-19 23:05:59

if your ever in reno hit me up would love to run a game for you

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2016-09-10 09:16:42

Hey there, I know this was posted some time ago, but was wondering if you're still looking to join a group or need another person for yours. Feel free to message me if you'd like to talk more and would like some more info.

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