Looking for players for a M&M (Kent WA)

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2011-06-04 19:19:38

Still looking for players for a low-powered mutants and masterminds 2nd edition game (PL 2-3) focusing on a group of friends that go on a camping trip out to deception pass national park only to find that the idyllic surroundings hold horrible secrets. The system is easy to teach and to learn, being based off of the D20 OGL, using a flexible point-buy character generation system that allows for a wide variety of different characters, and which uses a single d20 for all task resolution. The atmosphere of the game is a mix of Shadow over Innsmouth, Evil Dead, and Night of the Living Dead, and the story of the game will be open and dynamic, responding to character actions rather than following a preset "track". I firmly believe in working with players and characters to create fun and interesting stories, and I make frequent use of complications to spice thing up (don't worry, your characters will get hero points for them).

Advancement as far as PL will be quick, as characters either rise above the horrors that confront them, or become horrors themselves in order to combat them. Anticipate fun times, lots of action, and opportunities for deep role-playing. If any of this sounds cool to you, or if you have any questions send me a message on here, drop me a line at 360-561-2481, or email me at .

We'll need 2 more people to round out the group, but the more the merrier is my motto, so more individuals can definitely be accommodated. And if you happen to know anyone (friends etc.) who might be interested, feel free to send them my way too.

Hope to hear from you guys soon,


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