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Group : Lower Hudson Pathfinders


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2010-05-25 05:02:17

Hello, I am one of the groups 2 GMs. Post here if you want to join our game!

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2011-10-16 23:53:55

Hey there. I sent a PM as well, just to make sure that you're alerted of the activity here. I recently moved into the Stony Point area and am looking for some games to join. I'll learn any system and am very excited to play Pathfinder, specifically. If you guys are still playing and recruiting, hit me up.

2011-11-17 23:46:12

Live in Orange county and i am a long time player....I played all systems of Dungeons and Dragon but prefer DnD 2nd,DnD 3 DnD 3.5 also just got into Palladium fantasy

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