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Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-22 06:20:44

Looks like demand has risen for Call of Cthulhu! I think we might have enough players to start a campaign, so let's all post our availability. (all my times posted are UTC -8 or PST DLS) monday after 7pm, thursday after 2pm, friday after 2pm, saturday all day. Sunday would work for me but it has to be early, because it's magic booster draft day at my local gaming shop lol =)


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Call of Cthulhu
2010-03-22 11:19:23

late monday works for me, as does after 5pm (PST) on Tuesday thru Thursday (but not this thursday, I have an exam friday). Late sunday also works for me (ie, 7pm PST).

Also, I need to know which era and variant we want of Cthulhu. again, I can do 1920's or present day vanilla, miskatonic university, pulp (a more action oriented Cthulhu) or other variants if they're suggested here. Vanilla is easiest to run, but I don't mind doing any of the above

-Iggy, aka Dave

Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-23 10:25:05

I would like the easiest, being new to the game. Also, sounds like monday night is the win. I am available around 6:30 pm on monday night, and thursday at 5pm works wonderful for me. I can't do sunday cuz i work, but i think monday and thursday would be a great spacing for the weekly chronicles.

Call of Cthulhu
2010-03-23 11:27:18

sounds good, I'll plan us a 1920's vanilla. what time should we get going? The later the better for me, just because I tend to do dinner with friends and hang out for a bit. Plus, I'm three hours later than you, so if you start at six it will be nine for me.

Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-23 19:46:05

thursday night i had a plan to go to a fantasy hero match, probably get over around 9:30 or 10. I think on monday we should plan to meet online at around 7 my time, if that works well for you? Do you mind playing into 1 or 2 in the morning?

also, what's your AIM or skype?

Call of Cthulhu
2010-03-24 01:43:18

skype name is ignatius1588. yours?

Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-24 05:37:03

maxwellmudd, very simple. lol

Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-03-31 02:52:21

So for anyone new reading this, we have a small group up and running and we're looking for new people to play. We're set in the 1920's in Boston. If you're interested, just ask and we'll see what we can do!

New to area, looking for a group
2010-06-25 03:53:32

Im really interested in this! Is it still up? and is it a real table? I'm kinda tired of online...


Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-06-29 18:59:24

this is still going, and we do play over skype. there are 4 regular people and our GM, making a total of 5. You'll need to talk to him first, Iggy is the GM. send him a message and ask if he has room.

RPGs, Board Games, and more.
2010-10-14 13:35:05

I'd be highly interested in getting in on the Online game if possible, if anyone looks and there's no space available in the main group we could splinter and run Trail of Cthulhu

I'm EST time zone, available about 7pm

2010-10-24 15:55:45

If you are looking for another player, I have interest. I'm usually a Keeper, most recently running Day of the Beast over a year and a half every two weeks :)

Likewise I may end up starting a new game in the near future if others are interested.

Also, Frak, I picked up Trail last year and have read some of it and am interested in trying it out as a player...wondering if my group would like it or not.

2010-10-29 16:14:58

Don't know if this game is still ongoing, but I'm up for joining an online game. Played other RPGs but haven't had a chance to get into Call of Cthulhu yet (though I've read alot of Lovecraft). I'm EST, available most week nights and weekends. I'll message Iggy about room.

2012-09-14 09:56:45

This thread is about two years old but I'm very interested in COC.

If anything is happening on Skype go ahead and email me.


Bishop026 at sbcglobal dot net

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