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2007-03-29 04:57:08

I've seen some people post their reluctance to post their location, or having problems posting because of other members having the same location.

My recommendation is to do something similar to what I've done. Choose a street intersection in the general vicinity of where you live and use that. Perhaps something a mile away.

For example I chose "Ocean Ave and Ave N, Brooklyn, NY, US". Its specific enough that it wont interfere with other members, yet generic enough that my privacy is preserved. The additional benefit is that my general physical location still shows on the map so other gamers in my area know where i am in relation to them.

This should solve the problem of tags overlapping or not working because members are entering the same location, city and nation instead of something more narrow.

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2007-03-29 14:39:27

I just added some text to the top of the profile editing page so folks know everything's optional.

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