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Lazy Gaming at its Best
2007-04-09 00:17:24

I'm considering separating the City of Heroes and City of Villains Tags. Currently City of Villains is redirected to City of Heroes.


Well, Simply because it's possible to play one game, and not the other. You can buy a retail copy of City of Villains, and you have access to the 5 Villain Archetypes, the Villain City Zones (Rogue), and 3 Common Areas. When you buy City of Heroes you have access to 7 Hero Archetypes and all the Hero City Zones (Paragon) and 3 Common Areas. Each game has different costume choices and settings, different powers and a different story line. The games only come together if you buy them both.

In fact I know people that play one game, but not the other. So it might make sense to have two tags.

Considering the editing ping-pong I had with the Wii I wanted to post this idea first....dont wanna step on anyones toes.

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2007-04-09 18:58:41

While I don't have either of those games tagged, I don't see a reason why they should be joined, especially since we now have metatags. This is a great example of related-but-separate games. I think as long as you include a link from one to the other in the description, then it is entirely reasonable for them to be separate.


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2007-04-14 00:10:56

Yeah, this seems like a good example of related tags (i.e. they should link to each other) but not the SAME tag (i.e. they're different games). You could connect them together with a metatag I guess, though it also makes sense just to link to the other tag in the page description.

Lazy Gaming at its Best
2007-04-14 04:09:29

Well I did that already, go check them out.

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