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Roleplaying for roleplayers!
2008-12-19 17:59:57

I'm planning on starting a Heavy Gear campaign in Chicago next month. I have three players presently, and would like to add one or two more. This would be a roleplaying game with primarily military characters. Location would be Rogers Park unless someone turns out to have a better location, and we typically get together on Thursday evenings. The game would be run off of the second edition rulebook.

Players should be in the Southern Republican Army or the AST MILICIA. Gear pilots are preferred, but other character types and origins can be done with consultation on the condition that we've filled enough of the core military roles. The campaign would likely open in TN 1938 or 1939.

Heavy Gear is a gritty science fiction mecha game taking place in the 62nd century CE. Message me for further information.

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Roleplaying for roleplayers!
2009-01-15 19:02:55

Just one last chance now to deal in on this game, character generation is well under way, an in-person character development session is set for tonight. We can still use more players!

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