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Let's play Pokemon Tabletop United!
2016-06-12 02:54:41

My name is Schae . I have a huge love for Pokemon, and after digging around in the depths of the internet, I found an amazing adaptation of the Pokemon world into tabletop role playing. It's called Pokemon Tabletop United, or PTU for short. It's an RPG, so its like Dungeon and Dragons, Pathfinder, Etc, where you role play as a character and have to make creative decisions to defeat your foes in battle, and there is no set plotline, you can explore, discover, and catch whatever you want! I am having a really hard time trying to find people to play though Would anyone be interested in trying out something a little different? Here is the material if you wanted to read it. It is very well thought out and put together. They spent a LOT of time making this like an official game.

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