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2019-09-05 11:47:33

I moved to Vegas earlier this year and have settled in and am not looking for a table top rpg group.

I prefer to play, but I can run. Which I don't really mind if I have the right group.

I will play nearly anything. Nearly.

As far as running, I prefer running FATE (any genre). I have LOADS of ideas of games I want to run.

If I'm running or playing, I would prefer to do a long term chronicle. 6months or more. Playing every week for about 3 weeks, with a week off - rinse and repeat.

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2019-09-13 11:10:37


I'm on this site strictly to promote Shadowrun 6th edition.

I hope to find interested players/GM's.

I believe the Internet culture can be used to first, create one's own character pools their histories and their associations then communication with others in the group can then link those pools into a greater running campaign environment.

The playing group members can also create secondary character pools to use contact resources, or use the main pool as primary contacts for each other thus creating a web of characters and NPC's (all can be PC's in Theroy). All that is left to do is to GM and fill in unknowns. Players can RP potential actions and ANYONE in group can GM, provide supporting NPC's, PC's..... All this can be played across table, by post, chat, email,.... as long as actions are resolved.

The members can ulimately have their own RP environments to build up and do with what they will. This only supports character development and experience. This is a role playing game after all, so develop a role! Everyone need friends! Is the point. Even PC's!

To just keep in contact I would like to use Myspace, just to have a creative base for characters and concept art or anything that the character pool's creator wishes to express.... I won't use Facebook for anything. But anything else is open to suggest.

I even suggest common physical prerolled dice pools as they are easy to verify once all group members have access to them then cross reference at need. I will create themv(hundreds of lines!) as I have done so in the past. They will intergrate nicely with the Internet based dice roll systems.

Most importantly, this is a work in progress and will grow into something everyone can be satisfied with. As RP efforts are meant to do!

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