Is anyone here active?

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NearbyGamers General
2015-12-23 08:33:48

I don't see much going on, does anybody use this thing?

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2015-12-23 18:04:04

apparently not, i have been trying to use this thing for 3 months and nothing

Gaming Couple Looking For Friends - 09SEP18
2016-01-04 06:40:37

I check in here from time to time and actually met someone from the site for Pathfinder previously.

The main problem is that there is no good way to tell when the last time people were active. When I check the map for folks in my town theres no way of telling if they were on yesterday or in 2011. To this end, I've purposely updated my tag and profile every so often to point out that I'm still active.

2016-03-01 02:15:55

might do better to store and sort by latitude and longitude .. so that one might get a better idea of those within a particular travel distance.

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