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2012-11-17 23:04:35

Specifically, we're 30-something folks with families and jobs and all, so we're looking for players with similar capacity for acting like grown ups and such. We're pretty focused on good stories and enjoyment; our sessions tend to have some table banter, although we've hit (and want to get back to) a good groove with a decent narrative.

I like to run games that have interesting, sophisticated setting elements, and so I like historical or well-developed settings. My one remaining player very much enjoys character creation elements, both mechanics and things like personality and motivation.

We've run a fairly extensive Exalted 1st-Ed game and some other old World of Darkness stuff that never really got off the ground. I'm currently reading through and really enjoying Ken Hite's Night's Black Agents. Think Jason Bourne where Treadstone is secretly a vampire-run conspiracy, using Robin Laws' GUMSHOE rules (Trail of Cthulhu , etc.). We could probably do other things and both of us have collections of books, but I think our investment potential in new material is pretty small, so a particularly expensive or supplement-heavy game (that we don't currently own) will probably not happen.

Ideally you're enough of a gaming geek to have a decent collection of gaming table stories and get the in joke when someone says, "rocks fall." You're also not such a gaming geek that fit all of the smelly Gencon stereotypes. You'd need to be willing to drive from wherever you live to my place for the session (approx. 45min south of downtown Milwaukee), able to tolerate young kids careening about the place bringing havoc to all and sundry, and generally not make me regret that I brought you into my house.

We shoot for Saturday afternoons from approximately 1 to 5 or so, ideally every two or three weeks. In practice, life and kids and work and spousal demands don't always allow for that, but we do the best we can.

If all of this strikes you as both eminently reasonable and potentially a lot of fun, we want to hear from you.


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2013-08-02 03:26:43

Hey, I'm down for meeting up if you are! Let me know if you're still up-to-date with this year-old forum post!


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