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2007-03-22 11:00:44

Hi guys,

I'm Stuart from Cardiff Wargames Club ( and Great Escape Games. Myself and Mark Wheatley have recently formed the company and are releasing a ruleset for WW2 and beyond called Rules of Engagement, due out April 21st, 2007 at Salute. It is designed for 25-28mm figures in platoon sized formations, with a focus on infantry (no need for loads of those expensive tanks!).

If you are interested I will happily answer questions and you can have a preview at



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Indie RPGer and Board Wargamer.
2007-03-22 13:54:57

Hi Stuart, Sounds interesting. Have you thought of setting up a tag for 'Rules of Engagement' where you can put up a more detailed description with links. Start the ball rolling and use the site to get people interested and build up a support base? Be good for finding out who's interested and where they live, perhaps with a view to getting playtesting done? Just a thought, but use the site for what it's designed for... John

2007-03-24 12:05:01

That sounds great. I've had a look at the tags bit and, being a simpleton at this sort of thing, can't quite grasp it. How do I set up a tag for Rules of Engagement.

Indie RPGer and Board Wargamer.
2007-03-24 17:10:28

Like this.

To create a Tag, go to your edit profile page. On the right-hand side their is your list of registered tags. To create a new one, simply add the name of the tag to the end of your Tag list, remembering to seperate tags by a comma (,) and not any other punctuation mark. John

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