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2007-03-22 00:14:21


Considering how easy it is to foul up HTML markup, and considering that errors in HTML tags can garble text beyond comprehension, I think that we badly need either:

  1. to be able to edit our own posts to the forums, or
  2. to have HTML disabled in forum posts.


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2007-03-22 16:16:17

I agree, and I'm going to work on editing very soon.

I've now got the map dealing with the many hundreds of gamers (usually Google Maps caps out around 300 markers). It's not perfect (pins jump around a lot, sorta ugly, still problems with overlapping pins) but it should be good for a week or two.

The only thing ahead of post editing is drag-and-drop marker placement for the UK gamers. UK geocoding has turned out to be a big big pain in the ass, so I'm going to give up on getting that working for now and let them click on a map to place their markers. I think I can get this done in just a few hours today and look at post editing this evening.

I'm also spending some time today chasing the graphic designer and running errands to prepare for some guests coming in from out-of-town tomorrow.

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