Casual MTG in the Croydon/South London

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Looking For Casual MTG
2009-09-29 10:30:20

Was just wondering if there are any groups that play MTG on a casual basis iin or around the Croydon area.

I have not played in a long long time, and so am not looking for crazy high end competitive play. Just casual decks and a laugh.

if there is no groups playing in the area at the moment then how about we get one going?

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Magic the Gathering for fun, Wimbledon area
2009-12-04 14:35:45

Hey if you're still looking for people to join in casual play, I'd like to as well. I enjoyed playing but was never a hard-core player, but stopped playing almost 10 years ago and like to have some games again, just for fun, no worries about formats. I'd be up to meet in Croydon or Wimbledon area

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