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2009-12-05 01:44:34

Hello all!

I just moved to Fairfield County all the way from Eugene, OR. I am used to having a regular gaming group and knowing the gaming stores and having gaming roommates, so it's a big change for me to be on a completely different coast and not knowing anyone. I'm been both playing and DMing for the last two years, as well as owning a few board games and a couple of consoles, so I'm happy to start a new group or join an existing one.

I'm looking to meet people -- gamers would be great, but honestly until I get a job and start school here, I'm glad to have any human contact at all. It's lonely in a new town!

About me: I'm a 24 year-old guy who isn't a crazy person or a criminal. I'm nice and I make a lot of jokes of varying quality. I own a car (drove it from Oregon to Connecticut, in fact!), so I'm happy to drive a bit to meet folks. I am a renaissance nerd -- all sorts of games, movies, TV, computing, books, politics, whatever.

Oh, and my name is Albert.

Hope to be meeting some folks soon!

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