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2010-03-29 19:44:42

Looking to add 2-4 players to start a new game. Been out of the loop for a few years but looking to get back in. I'm used to being primary GM but will be more than happy to swap out between campaigns. I use GURPS but will play most anything if it's run well. Not a fan of World of Darkness or its setting. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Post-Apocalypse are preferred genres.

My starting point.
System: GURPS 4th Ed.
Genre: Fantasy (at least to start).
Group: 1 GM and 4-5 players.
Time/Date: Twice Monthly. Probably Bi-weekly but schedule will be flexible for Holidays and Real Life. Length of session will depend on the time we can all play. Almost certainly on the weekend.

- Mature behavior. Some spicy language is OK but we're beyond needing to prove we are grown ups by swearing for no reason.
- No smoking. Our host house is a non-smoking one.
- Cat in the house. Just a warning to anyone with allergies.

Other Things:
We are really looking for some like minded folks to have fun gaming. Story is important but we're not LARPers. System is important but we aren't Rules Lawyers. Lets find somewhere in the middle that's fun for everyone.

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