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Tabletop/Online RPer looking for friends and fun!
2010-04-02 17:20:53

I have someone who is planning on running a mixed WoD campaign because we have spring break next week. If anyone is interested in joining it, he lives in Menlo-Atherton. We're looking for some experienced white wolf system players, and we're possibly going to be running the game for a few hours every day of the week. If things work out, we might be able to arrange for a longer campaign. If you show any interest, we can accommodate for long distances with either skype or openrpg.

We have experience with all of the subsystems of the World of Darkness campaign (although we directly oppose to the creation of "sparkly" vampires. If you go in the sun, you burrrrnnnn). I have experience with the hunter system and he's mainly changeling. Let me know what you think, hopefully we can get a cool group together.

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