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Group : Grand Junction, CO RIFTS


Grand Junction, CO RIFTS Public
2017-01-01 20:08:23


Myself and my cousin might be interested in joining this group. We both own copies of Rifts (and various other palladium books) and have been seeking a group close to cedaredge for over a year now. We do have some concerns and would like clarification. First and foremost what is the average age group of the party. Second what days are this group looking to game on. Third what level of experience does the group have with rpgs in general. Fourth has a designated Game Master been selected or is the group in need of one. Thank you in advance for any answers given.

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Experienced DM and Player
2018-04-20 09:59:43

Hi as well ! Id lov to join this group as well. Just moved to the area and be down to meet new gamers and groups. I am a old time fan of RIFTS and am an experienced DM and player of Palladium games.

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