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Glad to play any game or run Pathfinder!
2012-12-13 05:37:06

Hi there!

I've got a mighty gaming itch going and I haven't been able to find a group around the area yet. Figure I should try my hand at making one!

I'm very experienced with Pathfinder. Have been playing D&D 3rd edition since it was released, swapped over to 3.5, and then to Pathfinder shortly after that was released.

Have ran two long-term games and my players seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. I would start off with a Paizo-produced module that we all discussed.

I'm able to host in Charlottesville less than a mile from the downtown area. If there are several folk that would like to play and are a good deal away I'd also be glad to drive to your area.

Well, that's about it! Look forward to hearing from people!

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