Gas $ affecting desire to game?



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2008-07-16 03:56:22

I suppose this is just for those in the US, but perhaps gas prices are raising in other countries too.

I just hit up the few people in the general area of where I game to see if they wanted to join, so far, all have been negatives.

So I'm wondering, is the increase on gas prices affecting people's interest in gaming as a major factor? Or is it that people are too busy elsewhere?

Perhaps I'm over thinking it and really 0.5-1.5 hour of driving *IS* too much for a game.


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2008-07-17 03:22:06

Well, I have to drive at least a half hour for ANYTHING I want to do, so this is no different in that respect. When you add in the fact that it comes out cheaper in other regards (no ticket/cover prices, etc.), gaming wins out handily for me.

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2008-07-17 06:52:32

Of course it all depends. If you have little or no other responsibilities then a half hour or more driving is no big deal.

Also it depends on the frequency of the game. Once a month and driving an hour or so is worth it, depending on the game of course

I would say that a half hour drive for a weekly drive isn't too much.

But it also depends on the car you drive. If you get like 2 mpg then obviously that will suck. But I got a little 4 banger and get like 30-40 mpg

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2008-07-17 15:44:38

For me the only issue is I HAVE to use the local bus system since I'm disabled and too many games are at night when they don't run. I don't mind a little traveling though its relaxing enough and gets me out of the house WHEN I can game.

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2008-07-22 03:13:13

Well for us Canadians, the average gas price is around $1.40 per litre, which works out to around $5.30 per gallon. ( Click here for both USA & CAN prices )

I cross the border to get cheaper gas at $4.20/gallon!

I have to fill up almost twice a week (90 L / 24 gal tank), and as for gaming, we take turns driving the 1.5 hour trip, which is monthly

One of our weekly gamers can't always get a lift, so I wind up driving him home and back twice in the same day (40 minute round trip x2)

So ya, driving for gaming is expensive :) I'd estimate at least a tank of gas per month for me.

I've got a friend in England and he says the price is like $15/gallon. OUCH!

Found a link ( That's not a misprint, gas prices rose to nearly £2 per liter (over £7 per gallon, or $14.74 USD) in Devon, England as supplies were drastically cut following a strike by Shell tanker drivers. )

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2008-07-22 13:04:34

It's certainly affected people's ability to make the convention circuit. Here in New England, there are a half dozen or so events that the faithful attend every year. I know a lot of those faithful have been making unhappy decisions, usually electing to stick with the one or two conventions in their immediate area.

I had to think long and hard about whether to make the 360 mile roundtrip to OGC this year. I'm still going, but cuts were made to allow it.

Hello, I'm looking to run and play games.
2008-07-24 00:38:24

For some of the convention circuit people ever think of taking Greyhound or Amtrack, I take the train once a year round trip and it costs me around $60 in state without the stress, annoying drivers, lines waiting to get on a plane and the other hassles.

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