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DM seeking Monthly Gamers
2010-08-06 20:32:40

Hosting a Monthly gaming session in Tustin and in need of Players and DM's.

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2010-08-10 18:20:55

I and a friend are in!

2010-08-11 07:50:30

I'm in and I have a friend once he responds I can send him an invite to the group if thats ok???

Looking to play D&D
2010-08-13 14:53:32

I and a friend are in as well. Just let me know dates/time

=^..^= choose kind and you'll always be right
2018-06-05 16:12:51

I'm up for joining if you've got the room! it's been years for me but I'd love to play again. My previous group disbanded due to life!

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