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2007-03-18 21:56:46


I treat conventional 'tabletop'/'face to face' RPGs as storytelling games, that is, as games in which collaborative extemporary storytelling is as much the essence as running around and kicking a ball is the essence of soccer. Is that the sort of thing you mean by 'story games'? Or are story games something else that I haven't heard of by that name?



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2007-03-19 08:08:42

Hi Brett, The Story-Games forum Story Games Forum, puts it very succinctly in that "A Story Game is a type of role-playing game or gaming experience with a lesser focus on My Character and a greater focus on Our Story.

I like to think of it as a collaborative effort to emphasise the story being told over whether one character does better than another. Such games that are regarded as 'Story games' are Dogs in the Vineyard, Sorcerer, My life with master etc, but any game can be played in the story games manner.
My explanation is fairly poor, so I would advise popping over to the Story Games forum, they're a nice bunch who would be able to do the subject far greater justice than I am. John

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