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2007-03-18 20:32:29

Hi All

I've just joined up and was wondering if anyone plays any version of Traveller?

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Indie RPGer and Board Wargamer.
2007-03-18 21:29:22

Hi, Yeah, I used to play a lot of traveler and megatraveler back in NZ, but not so much since coming to the UK. I've got all the versions and I keep dragging out and getting all reminiscent. Good times!

2007-03-19 13:37:33

There was a good gang at the Bedford Gladiators games club a few years ago who played GT for a bit, but who were game for almost anything. Working Mens' Club, every Monday night 20:00 to 23:00.

Good times ...

2007-03-19 13:40:39

By the way, looks like the recruiting drive did some good - I found out about this 'place' from Lynn leFey on the 'Waves in the Black' Serenity RPG forums, and posted messages in every forum and Yahoo group I was a member of. Traveller members seem to be on the way up!

2007-03-19 16:24:04

Another Born-Again Traveller here.

Just dusting off my LBB's etc - haven't had a game since the late 1980's - Northampton is like the Great Rift when it comes to finding Travellers.

CoC and Traveller. Willing to give most RPGs a go.
2007-03-19 16:56:57

Another Traveller player and ref here. I’ve tried to find other Traveller players refs but failed miserably. Anyone else a British Isles Traveller Support member?

2007-03-19 18:47:10


Looking at the map theres more players than I thought there would be and not to far away :)

2007-03-19 19:52:03

Yep, a Traveller GM here (with a group of 4 to 5 players). We've only had two session so far, but will have more casually as time permits. Currently using MT rules, but in the process of converting over to GT (or maybe Mongoose Traveller when/if it's released). I'm also intending to pick up the new BRP rules when they are released and may start a historical campaig (Napoleonic) with it.

— Drug of
2007-03-20 09:37:49

Well, that's a very good start! Anyone seen my BritTrav thread over on CotI? I'm aiming to set up a free game of CT at the con in June this year.

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Kings Heath RPG group
2007-03-20 11:40:14

I've run almost every version of traveller (except GURPS and T4). I discarded the rules after a while and have been running campaigns starting in the T20 era and leading up to the Rebellion era (my fave) but using Chaosium's BRP rules (Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Strombringer/Elric). Been doing it that way for 20+ years.

2007-03-20 13:54:14

These are my role playing books. I've got most of the manuals for all flavours of Traveller. Love Traveller.

Started with LLBs in Classic, moved on to MegaTraveller, then took a break from RPGs. When I got back in, TNE and the rest came out, so I collected them as well.

I live in the middle of nowhere, so haven't played face-to-face traveller in years.

Sheffield UK based and ready to game.
2007-03-23 18:47:43

Is the annual UK TravellerCon still happening?

CoC and Traveller. Willing to give most RPGs a go.
2007-03-26 15:31:48

It's not happened the last couple of years as the venue in Hebbden Bridge was lost due to a change in employment. Andy Lilly (of BITS) was planning to get one organised this year (2007) but we weren’t able to find a venue in time to give enough notice. Perhaps next year if we can find somewhere?

Anyone have a suggestion?

2007-04-01 00:59:27

Own a near complete set of Traveller books but have never actually played the damn thing F2F.

Would love to though - anyone playing in central London? (live in Sussex but no car)

Come to the MK RPG club:
2007-04-03 14:42:43

For those of you around Milton Keynes, you can come to the MK RPG club on Tuesday evenings: see our web site for details. You're all welcome to come along and play Trav.

And if you want to organise a Trav get-together, you're very welcome to Concrete Cow, our one-day games day. We sort out the venue, you just come along and game.


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