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Because I'm Snarky...
2007-03-15 16:35:28

So, for those WoW fans out there, we need to decide how to handle the tags for servers and guilds. In my opinion I'd like to show up under both, so I can find real life people from my server. In which case we have to not redirect them to World of Warcraft (check the Lothar tag to see this).

On the other hand, this may create a bunch of tags we don't need, in which case redirecting would be best. Anyone from the other servers represented here care to weigh in?


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chronic game designer
2007-03-15 16:47:04

Well, whenever Harkins gets around to allowing "meta-tags", that is the tagging of another tag... then server and guild identifications should be turned into tags on the core WoW tag.

This same thing should hold true with numerous other games where there are major variants/subgroups - like Risk vs Castle Risk vs LOTR Risk vs Super Modern With Spaceships Risk.

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world+mechanic = game
2007-03-16 13:34:35

Yeah, there are definitely some tags that are hurting to be grouped together.

2007-03-23 23:59:10

Something I tried to start was to have everyone use a tag format similar to: Game::SubTag Then redirect all of those tags to the tag: Game, where I posted links back to the guilds.

For example: World of Warcraft::Maelstrom. Under Maelstrom, I put a link to my guild's website. Though this isn't the best way, I think it works for now.


Because I'm Snarky...
2007-03-24 02:25:12

Yea, I started using that format as well for Lothar. However it doesn't allow for showing up under that. What good is tagging the servers that are represented if you can't show up under them? Lets say we have 100 Lothar players on here, out of 150 WoW players, how would they actually find each other? Same for guilds.

This may sound crazy to some, but I enjoy having face to face contact with MMOs. Have 8 good friends in the area that play, and we'll LAN it up. Sure, there's a coupla thousand other people involved, but doing battlegrounds or world PvP like this is amazing fun. So I want to find people on my server or battlegroup that I can meet in person, maybe fill an Undercity raid of people in my area, it'd be great.

So I propose we use your tagging Game::Server/Guild/subgroup, but instead of having it link back just make it a seperate tag. Unless of course Harkins lets you show up not jsut on the top-most tag of a chain, but each that you also belong to under it.

2007-03-24 22:10:14

I hadn't checked through to see that we weren't listed under the redirected tag. I think that's a great idea, having people show up under their actual page's tag, and the page that it redirects to.

Harkins? Is this possible?

The gamer that runs this site
2007-03-25 00:02:46

I'm not going to have folks show on redirected tags because it would be very confusing to be tagged in both places.

I think the best approach is to have folks tag themselves with both "World of Warcraft" and "World of Warcraft::Maelstrom", leaving the Maelstrom tag unredirected.

2007-04-12 15:51:18

Just as a quick 'final' answer to this post. Now that tagging tags has been implemented, all of the server tags (World of Warcraft::ServerName) have been tagged as "World of Warcraft". Now, there is a nice link under the WoW tag that has all of the server tags. The only thing left would be to differentiate between the US and EU servers. However, I think this may be a little overkill, as your tag on the map pretty much gives away which client you are using.

I think this is a nice format that will work with all of the other games that separate players based on a server, realm, or some other distinction.


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