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2007-03-14 21:06:26

The weather has been getting nice, and I have been getting antsy. It is Ultimate Frisbee time, and the season needs to get started. There were a couple of pick-up games in Grant Park last year, and I am trying to get a hold of the people to find out when it starts, but I would like to bring more people to it. So, drop a post if here if you are interested, or send me a message through my profile.


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2007-04-01 05:57:31


I bet I was one of the people playing frisbee with you last year! Send me an email (jaw at jawspeak) and I'll make sure you get forwarded new game information.

They started last week, on Monday, and probably will continue weekly. I'm not sure if it'll stay with Mondays, but you could just show up around 5:30 - 6pm in Grant Park.

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