Awatukee sit-down group looking for 2-3

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DND Minis, Battletech, Star Wars Minis, GURPS
2009-07-30 20:45:11

Ray Road and I-10 area looking for 2-3 players for sit-down D&D 4th Edition game. We play 1-2 Fridays a month at 7pm.

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DND Minis, Battletech, Star Wars Minis, GURPS
2009-09-09 17:00:22

Current DM just cancelled the campaign but I might start one of my own in Maricopa.........stay tuned........

DND 4th Edition
2009-11-03 16:29:12

Hey I'm at Ray and the I10 and have been wanting to find a weekday 4e session. Look me up if you're still considering starting a game.

Games where?
2009-11-03 22:05:41

looking for a saturday game evenings

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